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What is GrowthScore?

About GrowthScore
Understand how GrowthScore will help your SaaS business & get to know in brief what value it drives

GrowthScore is the only SaaS product that completes the loop with respect to customer feedback, retention and referrals as a unified solution.

It enables you to categorically identify the Happy Customers from within your user base and helps you nurture their goodwill for your product by turning them into product/brand advocates.

You can either identify your own segments or use the in-built NPS survey mechanism to find the PromotersDetractors and Passives in your user base. Thereon, you could target segmented users, for example the Promoters, to perform from a set of advocacy actions, like:

  1. Write a review in your product’s favour on any of the available forums like:
    G2Crowd, Capterra, GetApp, Trust Radius, Software Advice, etc.
  2. Write a testimonial of their experience in using the product.
  3. Share the product on social media
  4. Refer a professional acquaintance or friend

GrowthScore is an advocacy hub that helps you nurture your user base with constant feedback using NPS, and thereafter manage the feedback for product improvement and utilize the happy customers to help you acquire more customers.

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