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Privacy & Security

Security is obviously very important to us. We safeguard your customer data in many ways.



The connection to the GrowthScore application is encrypted using a modern cipher suite. It uses the latest TLS supported by your browser. For TLS version 1.2 it is encrypted and authenticated using AES128_GCM and uses ECDHERSA as the key exchange mechanism.

Password encryption

Passwords are encrypted in the database using a one-way cypher. They can never be read by anyone, not even after decryption of the database.


To protect you from the unlikely risk that your data might be compromised, automatic data back-ups are made on a daily basis.
These are securely stored and can easily be restored to perform a point-in-time recovery to a specific state of the database instance.

Security testing

We conduct regular and systematic checks on our API endpoints to ensure maximum security.

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