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Manage Teams

Manage Teams
Add, remove, grant or revoke access for team members to GrowthScore


Adding and removing access for people in your team should be a breeze, hence we’ve kept this simple.

From your GrowthScore Dashboard, navigate to Settings.

  1. Click on the User Profile headshot on the hamburger menu.
  2. Select Settings

The top most option ‘Manage Teams’ allows you to add / remove and grant / revoke access rights to your team members.

Add the email ID of the user, along with an Access Type (Admin / Read Only) – and you are ready to roll out invites to your team members.

Admin – Has full access to all features, including the right to edit campaigns & change settings
Read Only – just like it says, it allows the user to only view access with no edit rights.

Similarly, delete any user – if you want to remove their access to the GrowthScore dashboard.

We foresee GrowthScore being an important part across many function inside your organization like: Marketing, Customer Success, Product, etc. GrowthScore does not limit the number of seat or team members that can be added to the dashboard.

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