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Configure & handle advanced feature sets in your NPS configuration
This section enables you with the functionalities that go a step further to ensure that we have all our bases covered while setting up surveys.

You have 3 tabs here: Common Replies, Thank You Page and the Survey Throttle.

Common Replies

You will come across a sizeable collection of users who would participate in the survey – by responding with a rating/NPS score – but without comments justifying why they chose what they did.

Such instances are need closure – meaning that a typical reply thanking them for their ratings and prodding them one more time for a response – is customary.

This section will allows you to configure a common reply to such users, categorically segmenting (mutually exclusive, but collectively exhaustive) them as Passives or Detractors or Promoters – who did not comment.

Select the type of user, add a nice email subject and some good words to close the loop in the message – and you are set! The replies will be canned for dispatch when a user participates in the survey but does not add any comment.

Thank You Page

For every complete survey response, your users deserve at least a simple Thank you.

Keeping the segments similar as above, you can tailor the Thank You page that will be shown to your users – based on their NPS score i.e. Passives, Detractors & Promoters.

You get 4 elements to fiddle with here.

  1. Heading
    Use this to convey the primary purpose, i.e. Thank Them & show appreciation
  2. Message
    Use this to add more context to your appreciation.
  3. Button Text
    We provide you with a button on this page. Use this button to lead the user to claim their freebie.
  4. Button Link
    Enter the Link to a Landing page where you would like to lead your user to. You can offer them their freebie using this.

It is often a great strategy to offer your users a freebie or incentive for participating in the survey. It could be as simple as an informative ebook or some free credits to some service they use often. Use the Button as a CTA for their claims.

Survey Throttle

This setting here, is a fail safe for your survey campaigns. The periodicity you define here, keeps your campaigns from targeting users who have been surveyed previously.

You can choose from a month, a quarter or 6 months – as the period/tenure/delay between two surveys for any user.

Before we send someone a survey, we will make sure they have not already received a survey from you within the time period you specify.

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