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People – Your Audience
Manage all the users enrolled in any campaign from one place


This section enlists all the users who have been engaged with, through GrowthScore. This implies every user who has been delivered an NPS survey and/or requested for reviews, testimonials, etc. shall be featured.

Think of this section like a Contacts list for your advocacy initiatives. You can search from this list with the users’ email ID or Store ID.

You may Unsubscribe a user, Send an email or choose to delete them altogether – as part of the quick action buttons against each user.


You may also choose to export the list – and we shall deliver it to you on your email ID directly.

If you click on any of the names, you can see additional details of the particular user/customer.

Under the Filter option, you will find all the attributes of your contacts listed. You may select the ones you would like to focus upon, and the results will get filtered for only the attributes selected.

People Details

Apart from the name, sign up date, and all details of the customer as provided by you – you can see the details of the activity undertaken by the user, with respect to GrowthScore. This includes the type of action (i.e. NPS Survey, Review, Testimonial), date of the activity and the option to filter through the same, based on action type.

Unsubscribe User

You can also un-enroll or unsubscribe a user from the campaign at any given time.

It is a possibility that a particular user may not be interested in posting such reviews – but being enrolled in the campaign he/she may have received the emails in this regard. If the user responds back to you with a request to unsubscribe, simply find them from this section & click on their name. When the customer details panel slides out – click on the Unsubscribe button.

That should do it!

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