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Manage the individual testimonials of your users, and decide how to broadcast them to elevate your product’s pitch
This section compiles the Testimonials received as items of feedback, in a chronological order – so that you can process and choose which ones to feature. Additionally, each testimonial is a great feedback to take heed of. Hence we feel it is important that you should be able to tag & prioritize the testimonials too.

This section has two tab: Feed Embed on Website

The section has global search and a calendar to help you filter the testimonials for a date range.Capture


The ‘Feed’ tab will list out all the testimonials, with a few actionable options for you.  You can:

  1. Add a Tag to categorize the Testimonial under a specific bucket of feedback
  2. Quick add/embed the testimonial to your website or landing page
  3. Share the same directly on social media.


Embed on Website

Like we promised, we make things easy for you to automate the hosting of your product’s Testimonials directly onto your website, with a few clicks. Now this bit requires a small code snippet to be added to your website and we thought it would be great to add a few customization options for the same.

Here you can preview and make adjustments to the way your Testimonials shall show up on your website. You can define the Font type, # of Testimonials to be shown, the layout type (i.e. Grid or Slider), Background type, etc.

We also offer you the option of doing these changes by editing the CSS, so that it’s more power to you geeky types. You shall also find the JavaScript snippet which you must put on your website – so that these Testimonials can be populated dynamically.


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