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Learn how you can hook up webhooks to access customer actions & data – as and when they happen


Not everything comes as we’d all want. Thank God, we’ve got webhooks for such instances. We understand that some of you would be more technical and creative (that’s a killer combo).

To let you do much more with all the data and triggers in your GrowthScore accounts, we have put together a few webhooks that you can build upon.

Configuring the same is pretty easy!

Simply click on:

Define the webhook type, based on the event you seek to capture.

Set a Target URL to catch the fired payloads and add any headers if you’d like.

Test & Play! 🙂

Supported Events

  1. contact.unsubscribed – On User opt out from NPS Emails
  2. surveyresponse.new – On User providing feedback
  3. surveyresponse.update – On User modifying feedback
  4. review.new – On User giving a review
  5. testimonial.new – On User providing a testimonial
  6. testimonial.update – On User modifying testimonial
  7. referral.reward.new – On user reward
  8. referral.reward.update – On user reward update
  9. referral.event – On referral event
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