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A quick guide to help you setup your Satismeter – GrowthScore integration

We’ve made it very easy to connect & import your NPS data from Satismeter.

Your NPS data is crucial to identifying your happy customers & thereby scheduling requests to them for reviews, testimonials, etc.

Here is how you’d do it:

  1. Get your Project ID & Read Key from Satismeter.
  2. Update them on GrowthScore integrations page for Satismeter.

Get Project ID & Read Key from Satismeter

Log into your Satismeter Account and from the Dashboard, navigate to Settings

In your Settings, navigate to Integrations

Under Integrations, navigate to API  Keys (1).

Copy the Project ID (2) & Read Key (3) for your account.
You will need them to connect Satismeter with GrowthScore.

Satismeter – GrowthScore Integration

Log onto your GrowthScore account.
Navigate to Settings on your GrowthScore dashboard.

Go to Integrations

Scroll down to find Satismeter app in the list of available Integrations, and click on it.

Add/Update your Satismeter account details copied earlier, i.e. 
Project ID
 & Read Key.

Click Connect to complete the integration once you’ve added them.

You would see something similar to image shown below, once you’ve finished the connection between Satismeter GrowthScore.

Hereafter, all your NPS survey data would be relayed to GrowthScore on a real time basis.

These contacts can then be used to enroll on reviews & testimonial campaigns.

Happy GrowthScoring 😉

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