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Integrate using Zapier

Integrate using Zapier
A quick guide on using Zapier to integrate GrowthScore with any web app

You can connect any web app of your choice to GrowthScore via Zapier.
Of course, you must ensure that they either have a web hook support (Satismeter for example) or have their app listed on Zapier.

This will help you import contacts to GrowthScore
Relay actions to other web apps based on what happens in GrowthScore.

GrowthScore Zaps are still in Beta on Zapier!
So, follow the below Invitation Link to set up a GrowthScore Zap…

Use GrowthScore on Zapier

You will encounter a page similar to one shown below.
Login to Zapier with your credentials to accept the Invite & Start using it.


If you do not have a Zapier account, we recommend you sign up with them & create one. You can only proceed if you have an active Zapier account.

Once you’ve logged in, you may only have to


Click on Create this Zap to proceed.

Now, your zap editor will feature GrowthScore as the 1st step in the Zap.


Import Contacts using Zapier

Having executed all the above steps, the next course of action is to configure the connection between GrowthScore and another app.
If you are importing contacts

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