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Reviews FAQs

Reviews FAQs
The most frequently asked questions for GrowthScore’s review tool.

What happens when I switch on multiple review campaigns?

When multiple campaigns are switched on, GrowthScore will automatically distribute your customers equally among these platforms and won’t send repeated review requests to the same customer.

Where can I buy rewards from?

You can purchase rewards or gift cards in a CSV format directly from vendors like Amazon Incentives or any other vendor of your choice. GrowthScore accepts rewards in the form of coupons which can be uploaded under Settings > Rewards. 

How can I make sure customers who left reviews before the campaign started are not asked for reviews again?

You can send us a list of your customers in a CSV format through our chat support. The CSV file needs to contain four columns similar to:  First Name, Last Name, Email, Reviewed On. The ‘Reviewed On’ column can contain values like G2Crowd, Capterra etc. These attributes can then be excluded from your campaign by using User Targeting as shown here.

Can I ask for reviews on multiple platforms in the same campaign email?

Unfortunately, we do not have the option of requesting for reviews on multiple platforms in the same e-mail.

How can I unsubscribe a user from receiving emails?

You can stop mails from being sent to a customer/user by unsubscribing any particular user in the people section.

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