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Managing Testimonials

Managing Testimonials
Learn how you can configure, manage & maximize output of your Testimonials Campaign


As a business owner or operator, you have seen the impact that good testimonials can have on the overall decision making of a buyer. You must have yourself been in the position of a buyer and it is most likely that a good testimonial of some product convinced you to bite the bullet.

You must admit that testimonials are a bit more complicated to amass than reviews. Traditionally both, reviews and testimonials, require constant follow ups with the customers which happens over emails mostly. In case of testimonials, the additional step involved is the act of publishing the same on your website/landing page.

The Testimonials section in GrowthScore will enable you to run campaigns focused on generating more testimonials for your product, along with helping you get them published on your website/landing pages as soon as they arrive. The flow for setting up your Testimonials Campaign is quite similar to the one we saw for Reviews – albeit some minor tweaks.

The Testimonials section is split into three sections.

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