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GrowthScore Auth Key for APIs

GrowthScore Auth Key for APIs
A simple guide to find your GrowthScore Auth Key

Your GrowthScore Auth Key is an important piece in the entire gamut of setting up integrations between GrowthScore & other apps. This helps us keep the exchange between these apps secure.

Here is how you can find your Auth Key:

Go to Settings

On your GrowthScore dashboard, click on the profile icon (last icon on the menu to the left of dashboard) – and navigate to the Settings page.


Navigate to API



Copy your Auth Key

In the API section, we elaborate on how to use the Auth Key in various places, for your own benefit. The Auth Key is easily available here & you can copy it.



It is advised that you handle this with discretion & ensure not to share it with anyone else, unless relevant. This key is a critical to ensuring secure exchange between APIs, webhooks & 3rd party integrations.

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