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A quick guide to help you setup your Customer.io – GrowthScore integration

One of the more popular tool for sending out emails to your customers is Customer.io

As is the case, GrowthScore allows you to send emails – for review & testimonial requests – to your promoters, through a Customer.io integration.

At a high level, you need to do the following to connect GrowthScore with Customer.io:

  1. Update Site ID & API Key of your Customer.io account on GrowthScore
  2. Setup Event Triggered Campaigns
  3. Define Workflow to send out email

Setup Site ID & API Key

On your Customer.io dashboard, navigate to Integrations from the side bar Menu, as shown.

Then, navigate to the API Settings, as depicted.

Copy the Site ID and API Key

These are important to secure the exchange of information/data between GrowthScore & Customer.io

On your GrowthScore dashboard, when you select Customer.io as your preferred Outreach Channel, a pop-up will ask for the Site ID and API key you just copied from your Customer.io API settings.

Once you’ve updated them on GrowthScore, the 1st step is complete – i.e. your GrowthScore & Customer.io connection is secured.

Next, we set up the configuration for Customer.io to identify data sent by GrowthScore.

Setting up Event Triggered Campaign

Navigate to Triggered from the side bar Menu on the dashboard, as depicted.

Create a new Campaign

Customer.io allows you to create many different types of campaigns. Your GrowthScore initiated Review & Testimonial request emails to your audience needs event driven campaigns only though.

NoteYou must setup separate & mutually exclusive Campaigns for sending out emails for your Reviews Testimonials Request, respectively –
i.e. one Event Triggered Campaign for each.

Set Campaign type as ‘Event Triggered Campaign’

Define Trigger for your GrowthScore Campaign

As shown in the image below, you must set the event name for the trigger.
This trigger will initiate a Review Request or a Testimonial Request email to the particular contact, based on the type of event intercepted.

For Review Request –
event: review.request

For Testimonials Request –
event: testimonial.request

Once you’ve defined the event, click Save Changes and proceed further into Workflow.

Set Workflow action as Email

After defining the trigger, you must now set the action to be taken by Customer.io, which is sending out an email to the respective customer for the event intercepted i.e. a testimonial or a review request.

Click on Add workflow item and select Email.

Based on the type of email trigger you are setting up (i.e. Review request or Testimonial request) define the same in this final step that is required to describe the type of email being sent.

Once the above steps are done, your configurations are done & you are almost ready to shoot the email. You just need to add the requisite content to the email now.

So go ahead and select Add Content as shown.

Customizing your Email Body

Here, in the content, you can define Liquid markups to enable Customer.io to insert data which was sent from GrowthScore. This includes the customer email ID, Template for the email, etc.

Step 1 – Ensure that the TO email address field options are set to be customized

You can do so by simply clicking on Customize, which would otherwise be defaulted with: {{ customer.email}}

  changes to 

Step 2 – Set Email Address as received from GrowthScore

After you’ve clicked on Customize (the onscreen text will have changed to Set Defaultnow), you would be allowed to enter email addresses freely.

Use the following Liquid markup expression to dynamically populate customer email addresses as received from GrowthScore:

{{ event.contact.emailid }}

Step 3 – Customize Subject to be picked from GrowthScore template

Add the following expression to assign subject line from your GrowthScore template directly:

{{ event.subject }}

Step 4 – Pick Template Body from GrowthScore

In the final step, simply add the following expression to dynamically pick the email body from your GrowthScore campaign:

{{ event.body }}

Once done with these steps, Save Changes and click on Done (top right corner).

You would navigate back to the Workflows config page again automatically.
Here, scroll down and click on Next: Goal to proceed ahead.

In the Goal & Exit config page:

  1. Choose to Skip Goal
  2. Set the exit criteria as “People will move through the entire campaign
  3. Click on Save Changes
  4. Go to Next: Review

On the Review page (this is where you review your campaign), ensure that all the configs look similar to what is shown in the below image. That should do the trick for you.


You must define two exclusive event triggered campaigns for your Reviews & Testimonials respectively – each with Trigger Event as review.request & testimonial.request

Happy GrowthScoring 😉

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