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Configure special alerts to keep your team aligned on new actions by anyone in your userbase

GrowthScore was conceptualized around helping you offer stellar customer experience and thus capitalizing on the aha! moments of your customers – to earn referrals & testimonials.

NPS responses, user Reviews on major platforms, testimonial submission – all are tremendous opportunities to act and reciprocate to the advocacy shown by customers for your product. This means you must be proactive at all times to intercept such instances of advocacy with a meaningful response.

To enable you with such proactivity – GrowthScore offers you the functionality of scheduling Alerts.

You can configure alerts to be sent to specific personnel depending on the type of action taken by any of your customer. Simply enter the email ID of the specific person.

For example, if you want to intervene and engage a detractor, who did not post a comment in their NPS survey, just configure an alert like this:

  1. Select “Detractors with No Feedback” in the dropdown
  2. Enter email ID of person to be alerted

Every time GrowthScore encounters a Detractor who left no feedback for their score – an email shall be sent to the email Id provided & you can swoop in with your Customer Success tactics 😉

Similarly, you can schedule Alerts to be sent or every time a review or testimonial is posted.

Note that, you can add multiple email IDs – simply by separating each successive email ID by a comma.

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